Moët Hennessy


Brief – To stimulate new marketing and brand ideas for their premium spirit brands portfolio

Approach – Facilitated creative development workshops to imagine the reactions we want our customers to have, and then come up with the marketing ideas that will make them feel that way

Outcome – A range of new brand activation ideas which you will see soon…


Johnson & Johnson


Brief – To explore new digestive health treatment concepts based on sufferers’ key needs

Approach – Exploratory research designed to uncover needs. An internal workshop with the J&J team to create fledgling concepts based on these key needs. A final evaluation research phase to gauge which of the new product concepts had the most potential

Outcome – We identified the insights and underlying needs that people often don’t even admit to their partners. These are now the basis for a range of new products which will be launched globally across 2014/15


Ben & Jerry’s


Brief – To test whether a new ice cream idea was good enough for Ben & Jerry’s

Approach – Waves of product testing and refinement, helping the team improve the product based on peoples’ instinctive reactions

Outcome – The best ice cream you’ve ever tasted! Launch to be confirmed…




Brief – To understand what mums and kids wanted when going back to school

Approach – In-home pre-tasked sessions with mums and kids, exploring both audiences needs and ideals

Outcome – A balanced program of marketing activity targeting these 2 collaborative, but fundamentally different audiences. Applying the learnings to communications, store design and promotional activity




Brief – To help the internal team get closer and understand their customers

Approach – We trained the internal team on the art of moderation and gave them all the tools they needed to make the sessions a success. We then ran an internal workshop to help the team apply and generate new product concepts based on what they had learnt

Outcome – A happy team brimming with anecdotes about their customers, and a set of new product concepts based on what they had learnt


ITV Interactive


Brief – To create new competition ideas to embed within different types of show

Approach – Exploratory research followed by internal creative workshops to help the team create new ideas based on key audience insights

Outcome – A wide range of very successful competition ideas across shows such as X-Factor and This Morning


Compassion UK


Brief – To evaluate and improve key sponsor messages

Approach – Pre-tasked interviews with a wide spectrum of sponsors

Outcome – Understanding what is driving reactions, identifying how to improve the structure, tone and ultimately reactions to the message


Cereal Partners


Brief – To explore new ways of extending traditional cereal brands

Approach – Iterative concept labs where we develop, test and then improve product concepts over a number of days

Outcome – Shredded Wheat Summer Fruits as well as many other concepts you will be seeing soon…